Use Cases

Discover the most effective ways to use CUBE and make your brand stand out from the competition here.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is known for high engagement. By implementing gamification, you provide your target audience with a chance to engage with both the influencer and your brand. For instance, the gamification could be integrated into a livestream by your influencer, allowing for instant prize draws.

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Post sweepstake link in livestream
Prize determination in real-time

Out Of Home

Are you promoting your campaign with traditional outdoor advertisement? Why not elevate your campaign and incorporate digital sweepstakes? With this, you can generate valuable leads across multiple channels. Customers can redeem the prizes directly at their nearest store, for example, or conveniently online from home.


Improve your customer experience with our applications. Connect online and offline markets, generate data, and build stronger relations with your brand. Offer customers a seamless journey and create experiences in-store or online.


What are the most important goals of a trade fair? Interaction, traffic and data generation. CUBE offers it all! With the possibility to generate instant prizes or, for example, pre-sales rights in exchange for relevant data, you provide the right added value for people to visit your trade fair stand. At the same time, you offer the user a unique experience and strengthen the relationship between your target audience and the brand.


Roadshows are a powerful marketing tool. Instead of waiting for your customers to come to you, take the initiative to reach out to them. Utilize our individual gamification solutions, featuring instant prizes, to transform your pop-up space into a traffic magnet.

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