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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Arethe applications available on any device?

Yes. We are guided by our customers individual needs and offer a suitable gamification solution, for smartphones all the way to cinema screens.

Howmuch work do I have to put in as a customer?

None! CUBE offers a full service approach, from software programming, to graphic design, all the way to the evaluation of your campaign.

Is CUBE GDPR-compliant?

Yes, data protection is always at the top of the list. We ensure complete consultation with our customers, providing maximum transparency and compliance to security standards.

What does white label mean?

Our applications give no implication that we are involved. The final product always displays the customers corporate design.

Where can CUBE be utilized?

CUBE is available worldwide, making it perfect for your international campaign.

Does CUBE develop individual gamifications?

Of course! Customers can choose from existing gamifications/user flows or customized solutions.

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